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Fraser Hale, DVM, FAVD, DiplAVDC
Providing Referral Dental Services Since 1991

Last updated January 2016

159 Fife Road
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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If you are a pet owner that has been referred to Hale Veterinary Clinic,
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Policy on Rabies Vaccine Status

Referring Veterinarians Please Read This Article - Team Work
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Ontario Superior Court Of Justice Ruling on Anesthesia-Free Dentistry, April 2014

Follow-up Press Release Regarding "Pup-Star", January 2015

My Statement on this dated January 14, 2018.

More Information - http://avdc.org/AFD/

Veterinary Oral Health Council American Veterinary Dental College Academy of Veterinary Dentistry Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry

To find a list of products with credible evidence to back their claims.

To find a veterinary dentist near you and a lot more information for owners and the profession.

To find a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry near you.


Formerly the American Veterinary Dental Society and publisher of the
Journal of Veterinary Dentistry


AAHA Dental Care Guidelines 

CVO's Position on Veterinary Dentistry

CVO Discipline Case June 2010 

CVO Discipline Case Dec  2012

The American Animal Hospital Association published their first guidelines for providing veterinary dental care as of 2005. Here are the 2013 guidelines 

Is your veterinarian offering this level of care? Be sure to ask.



The College of Veterinarians of Ontario published this position statement in 2008 on the provision of veterinary dental care in Ontario. All veterinarians in Ontario should be adhering to this policy. Does yours? Be sure to ask.


My explanation of this statement

Not all veterinary facilities provide the same level of dental care. As the owner, you have a right to know, so be sure to ask who does what.

CVO Discipline Jun 2010

Despite the existence of the AAHA Guidelines and the CVO's position statements, some veterinarians are still behind the times. Buyer beware.

CVO Discipline Dec 2012

Informed Owner Consent Anesthesia-Free Dentistry Veterinary Dental Forum A new Facebook Page
Before any procedures are done on your pet, you must provide informed owner consent. At Hale Veterinary Clinic, you will be ask to sign this form:

In order for the consent to be valid, you must be informed of risks and benefits and also you must be informed regarding who will be doing what. At Hale Veterinary Clinic you will be asked to review this document on that issue:
Who Does What

If  you have not been adequately informed, then the consent you provide is invalid. If you have any questions, ASK. You have a right to know and we have an obligation to tell you.


Ontario Superior Court of Justice Ruling, April, 2014

Cease and Desist Order against
Pup Star, January 2015

If anyone suggests that they can provide any valuable level of dental care without full general anesthesia, they are seriously ill-informed. It simply cannot be done. In many places it is illegal/malpractice to offer such "services". Regardless of jurisdiction, it is a terrible idea and should be avoided completely.

here is a clip from the
Veterinary News Network
a position statement from the AVDC

and a paper from me

The premier veterinary dental conference in the world is offered each fall somewhere in the USA. In 2018, we will be in Phoenix from November 15 to 18.

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